Kings Point Baby Boomers

Old enough to have done it all - young enough to do it again

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The Kings Point Baby Boomers Club was the brain-child of Ken and Cheryl Kaplan,

who began spreading the idea of a club intended for those Kings Point residents

who desired to extend their network of friends to include those of a similar age

group and social interests. It wasn't long before it became obvious that there

was a need to address the "Boomer" generation's unique life style, including their

music, their memories and their need to share their retirement years in a more

upbeat environment. The Club's organization meeting was held in September 2005

with approximately 20 people in attendance, and its first officers were elected.

The need for a Mission Statement to properly describe the purpose of the club

and its openness towards "Boomers" of all ages, was the next major hurdle

to be overcome, and with the spirited help of Michelle Jolly and the newly

elected officers, the following Mission Statement was adopted.

A new generation of retirees, known as Baby Boomers, has arrived at Kings Point.

Some are snowbirds, securing their retirement homes early and making solid real

estate investments. Many are enjoying full time retirement at a younger age

than their parents did. Many of us still work part or full time, and are unable

to participate in daytime activities.

Our goal is to create a more youthful vibe in King’s Point, generating

activities that will embrace the nostalgia of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and

take advantage of the evening hours. We welcome all who have the

‘spirit’ of youthfulness and wish to share in our activities.

 Within the first nine months, the membership of the club grew from 20

to over 400 individuals, enjoying activities including Wine and Tapas

Party, Twilight Bowling Party and Buffet, Pot Luck Dinners, Game

Nights, Dances, Karaoke, Shuffleboard/Volleyball/Billiard parties, and

trips to the Doo-Wop Reunion and Key West.

The Fine Print

All members must reside in Kings Point.

Guests, sponsored by a member, are welcome at most events.

Annual dues for the club are $10.00 per person per Club Year (April 1st through March 31st).

A completed Waiver of Liability and the first year’s dues are all that is required to secure membership.

For all the details, see the Club Bylaws.